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                                    Concrete Cutting Breaking & Removal
.Core Drilling  .Slab Sawing  .Wall Sawing  .Hydraulic Hand Sawing  .Skid Steer & Excavator Breakers  .Handheld Jackhammers 

Wallsaws and large hydraulic Handsaw Equipment 

QC Construction Ltd is a premier concrete contractor in Calgary. We have the industry's most advanced concrete wall saws & hydraulic hand saws. We are capable of cutting up to 32 inches deep into your foundation – so no walls are too thick for us to handle. We are experts in cutting, breaking, and removing concrete from your property, always ensuring that the job is done with care and precision. Let us make your concrete project look easy!

Wall sawing employs a diamond blade on a track mounted system that can be used for horizontal or vertical cuts. This set-up can also be used on steep inclined surfaces where other concrete saws cannot be used safely. Wall sawing is typically specified to cut precise openings for ventilation units, doorways and windows. Other specialized applications can be performed using this type of saw. Hydraulic hand saws can be used in almost all aspects of concrete cutting and is a quick alternate when you need to get a job done.  


QC Concrete Cutting can handle jobs as such as a dryer vent opening, gas fireplace openings, fence post holes, plumbing and Hvac openings, bathroom vent, range fan vents and large scale buildings that require five hundred plus holes. We can do them all! up to 20″ diameter call ahead for larger cores then this. Unlimited Depth Call (403) 371-4840 today!

Stitch Drilling

Is a common technique used when other cutting equipment can not be utilized. Stitch drilling is performed by coring a series of overlapping holes, allowing for one large slab to be removed. This technique is often the answer when dealing with relatively thick walls, slabs or when over cuts will compromise structural integrity.

Slab Sawing 
QC Concrete Cutting will take this saw out to road or parking lot cutting jobs, driveway removals, or to create openings in floors for plumbing lines or electrical lines. Any floor opening in concrete.
Expansion Cuts made 1/3 of the depth of 2 day old concrete to help with concrete cracking, contraction and expansion. This work will allow your new concrete to look good for a longer period of time. QC Concrete Cutting has a saw perfect for these cuts. 


Concrete Breaking & Removal


QC Construction Ltd is the company to call for all your concrete breaking and removal needs! Our experienced team is equipped with breakers for skid steers and excavators, as well as handheld jackhammers for situations where you can't use the big equipment. Our services are reliable and affordable, so get in touch for your next project!

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