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                                    Concrete Cutting Breaking & Removal
.Core Drilling  .Slab Sawing  .Wall Sawing  .Hydraulic Hand Sawing  .Skid Steer & Excavator Breakers  .Handheld Jackhammers 

Wall sawing
Hydraulic handheld concrete cutting
Wallsaws and large hydraulic Handsaw Equipment 
  • Advanced Equipment: We operate the industry’s most advanced concrete wall saws and hydraulic hand saws. With precision machinery, we can cut up to 32 inches deep into your foundation, handling walls of any thickness.

  • Expertise in Cutting, Breaking, and Removal: Our skilled team specializes in cutting, breaking, and removing concrete from your property. We approach each task with meticulous care and precision, ensuring outstanding results.

  • Wall Sawing: Our wall sawing technique utilizes a diamond blade on a track-mounted system. This versatile setup allows for both horizontal and vertical cuts. Even on steep inclined surfaces where other saws are unsafe, our wall sawing delivers precise openings for ventilation units, doorways, and windows.

  • Hydraulic Hand Saws: When efficiency is paramount, our hydraulic hand saws come to the rescue. These tools are adaptable to almost all aspects of concrete cutting, providing a quick and effective solution.

Door concrete cutting
Core drilling
Core drilling
Angled core drilling
  • Dryer Vent Openings

  • Gas Fireplace Openings

  • Fence Post Holes

  • Plumbing and HVAC Openings

  • Bathroom Vents

  • Range Fan Vents

  • Large-Scale Buildings Requiring Five Hundred Plus Holes

We pride ourselves on our versatility and capability to handle diverse requirements. Need cores up to 20 inches in diameter? Just give us a call ahead for larger cores. Our commitment to precision extends to unlimited depths.

Stitch Drilling: Stitch drilling is a common technique employed when other cutting

equipment cannot be utilized. By coring a series of overlapping holes, we facilitate

he removal of large slabs. This method is particularly effective for dealing with

relatively thick walls, slabs, or situations where overcuts would compromise

structural integrity.

Slab sawing
Slab sawing
Slab Sawing 
  • Road and Parking Lot Cutting Jobs: Whether it’s roadways or parking lots, our state-of-the-art saws ensure clean and accurate cuts. We meticulously execute each job to meet safety and quality standards.

  • Driveway Removals: Need to remove an old driveway? Count on us to execute the job seamlessly. Our experienced crew ensures minimal disruption while efficiently removing existing concrete surfaces.

  • Creating Openings in Floors: From plumbing lines to electrical conduits, we create precise openings in concrete floors. Our attention to detail ensures that your project proceeds smoothly.

  • Expansion Cuts: We make expansion cuts that are 1/3 of the depth
    of 2-day-old concrete. These cuts prevent cracking, contraction, and
    expansion, ensuring your new concrete remains aesthetically
    pleasing for an extended period.

Cutting work
Concrete breaking
Concrete breaking for door


Concrete Breaking & Removal


When it comes to concrete breaking and removal, QC Construction Ltd. stands out as the go-to company. Our seasoned team is well-equipped to handle a variety of scenarios:

  • Skid Steers and Excavators: We utilize powerful breakers specifically designed for skid steers and excavators. These robust machines efficiently break down concrete structures, ensuring a smooth removal process.

  • Handheld Jackhammers:

  • In situations where larger

  • equipment isn’t feasible, our

  • handheld jackhammers come

  • into play. These versatile tools

  • allow us to tackle confined

  • spaces or delicate areas with

  • precision.

Jack hammering
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