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Steel Bollards 
 Bollard Installation for Enhanced Safety and Security

  • At QC Construction , we specialize in the expert installation of steel bollards to enhance safety and security across diverse environments. Whether it’s safeguarding pedestrian walkways, storefronts, or public spaces, our meticulous approach ensures optimal protection. Here’s how we handle bollard installations:

  • Safety Precautions and Site Preparation:

    • Before any installation, safety takes precedence. Our team dons protective gear—gloves, goggles, and hard hats—as we assess the site.

    • We meticulously clear the area, removing obstacles and ensuring no utility lines are at risk during excavation. Calling 811 or local utility providers to mark off lines is standard practice.

  • Selecting the Right Bollards:

    • We consider pipe nominal size—a critical factor affecting bollard strength and durability. Larger pipe sizes offer robust protection against impacts.

    • Steel grade matters too. Different grades offer varying corrosion resistance and strength. Our experts guide you in choosing the ideal steel grade for your specific needs.

  • Installation Process:

    • In-Ground Bollards:

      • We dig anchor holes, set gravel drainage bases

      • The sleeve, flush with the finish grade, is secured in place with concrete.

      • Finally, the bollards are inserted, creating a protective barrier.

    • Collapsible Bollards:

      • These are permanently embedded in the ground, raising and lowering as needed.

      • Ideal for parks, maintenance zones, and areas requiring flexibility.

    • Fixed Bollards:

      • Permanently installed to protect high-traffic areas like shopping plazas or government buildings.

      • Fixed bollards deter vehicular intrusion and enhance security.

  • Benefits of Safety Bollards:

    • Aesthetics: Decorative bollards enhance the visual appeal of private driveways and commercial properties.

    • Storefront Protection: Prevent accidental or intentional vehicle collisions with storefronts.

    • Pedestrian Safety: Keep vehicles away from bike lanes, park entrances, schools, and airports.

    • Driver Safety: Shield buildings from vehicular impact, safeguarding occupants.

  • At QC Costruction we prioritize safety, aesthetics, and functionality. Trust us for reliable, professional bollard installations tailored to your unique requirements.

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