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Egress window

Egress Basement Windows

Multiple basement windows
Pressure treated window well
Steel work for egress window
Cool pressure treated window well

Basement Window & Door Cutting 


QC Construction Ltd is a leader in providing quality window cutting services in the Calgary area. We specialize in cutting, sawing, and breaking concrete for residential and commercial properties. Our experienced team of experts has the latest state-of-the-art equipment to ensure every job is handled safely and effectively. With our advanced wall saws, we are able to cut through foundations up to 32 inches deep, making sure no concrete is too thick for us to handle. We also offer additional services such as pushing the concrete slab into the hole and breaking it up with power tools and sludge hammers. We make cutting and breaking concrete look easy!

Window Supply & Install

QC Construction Ltd is your one-stop shop for all of your window needs. We provide a wide range of windows & installation styles. We offer custom ordering for windows in any size and color. Also supply and installation of structural steel. All of our services conform to the fire code, and our experienced team can help you create the perfect window project for your home or business.
Excavation & Window Wells

QC Construction supplies and builds custom window wells to fit any size and shape of window.  We do all the required excavation and install window drainage systems, which is critical if your property has water issues. We offer steel and pressure treated wood window wells 
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Cutting out a window
Steel work for egress window
Egress window well
door cut
Hopper window for egress
excavation for a new window
Door concrete cutting
Egress window
Pressure treated window well
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